Selected Boys: 2003-2008

boys in the woods    beating off    off the beaten    between the barn and sandpit    seemed bigger once    with their pants down around their ankles    boys leaning    against trees    rubbing up against trunks    boys raw    boys wiping up with leaves    boys in bathrooms    at school    in class    boys in tights    boys in dance belts    boys backstage    during the show    boys after hours    in empty studios    boys in cars    taking off    not wearing seatbelts    taking off their belts    boys in back seats    boys in front seats    boys in trunks    boys swimming    half naked    across the pond or pool or summer    skimming stones    boys streaking    starlike through the dark    boys in basements    boys sprouting    hair in all the places parts come together    boys coming together    boys leaving separately    15 minutes apart    then meeting in the park    boys getting drunk       boys getting stoned        boys getting blown        boys fucking raw  boys like Jack      Dave      Brandon      Justin     John    Chris    Mike    Daniel  Mark      Matt      Drew      Mark again      Brian     Zack    Kevin    Josh    Nick  who died    who’s counting