my yt grandma once asked me who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba? why yes yt grandma I do believe I’m a hawt biblical queen of colour wreaking havoc and generally causing a ruckus because unlike you I dreamed beyond this town this river valley this province this nation state this gender

but it’s not all her fault she was constantly reminding me not to get too big for my britches cuz she was born and raised in a time when women didn’t wear pants, like, she didn’t wear pants until her 70s and I don’t remember her in a dress after my mom got her to try pants. my yt grandma was someone you’d want around when the apocalypse that yt people keep making movies about gets here, although the apocalypse is already here. you’d want her around because for decades she grew all the food she ate except sugar, coffee, and flour. planted seeds, tended plants, ate of the harvest. since she was in single digits, helping her fam in the fields, bragged by her father to be “strong as an ox.” I haven’t contributed to the growing of food that I eat since I was a child and when I did it was with my yt grandma.