HUM 101. Introduction to the Underworld. [Cross-listed with
Divinity and Comp Lit]. In this course, students will be ferried
across the river of sorrow, subsist on a diet of clay, weigh their
hearts against a feather on the infernal balance, and ascend a
viewing pagoda in order to gaze upon their homelands until
emptied of all emotion. Texts will include the Egyptian Book of
the Dead, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Mayan Book of the
Dead, the Ethiopian Book of the Dead, and Muriel Rukeyser’s
Book of the Dead. The goals of the seminar are to introduce
students to the posthumous disciplinary regimes of various
cultures, and to help them develop the communication skills that
are crucial for success in today’s global marketplace.

All readings in English. Requirements include the death of the
student, an oral report, and a final paper.