tell them about the eastern shore and running. tell them about underneath the boat. the
hard shell breaking open. the land so wet it’s water. the water so hard we live on it most the
day. tell them how we left and how we stayed.
tell them about the whales. but tell them using the oyster shells. tell them about wampum
and waiting. tell them about the salted dirt within you. tell them how we found each other
tell them about the shells. tell them about the giant turtle shells. tell them about the soup
we made in shells when we needed armor. tell them why we needed armor and what we did
before the harm. tell them about flint, magic, coral, god and fire. and what we left to tell the
tell them about the whales. and how they swam next to us singing. how they breathed
sometimes bigger than the boats. what they taught us about evolution. how they clicked
sometimes louder than the chains. how they taught us to make time out of salt. how they
deepened our lungs and opened the top of our heads. how they made their whole bodies
into drums to show us how it would be.
tell them who taught you to dream. to stay. to breathe. and then show them who taught you
to leave.iii